Unique, imaginative, subversive. Enriched the events of Carnival, paving streets expression, collective action, sportsmanship and fair competition and creative search.

Participate carnival groups called to answer riddles, to use their knowledge by answering questions regarding history, geography mathematics etc. At the same time must deal with navigation exercises through hidden indicative figures scattered throughout the city, artistic painting competitions, pantomime, theater snapshots and everything else put in mind, the organizers of the game.

The performance of carnival groups at different stages of the game and scored at the end becomes the big winner. Several groups of Hidden Treasure participating in parades and carnival have built chariot relevant to the subject of their disguise.

The greatest strength of the Hidden Treasure, unless the tender of physiognomy and awards, is the participation of carnival groups into a great collective action with shared objectives in the adventure, fun, imagination, inventiveness.

Game of Treasure is the classic scout game that first appeared in 1966 and was attended irst, 94 Patras and visitors dressed up in their cars.

The following year appeared the first costumed cars. The game lasted 3-5 hours and play the penultimate Sunday of Carnival with the parade of masked cars. The first uniform carnival dressed crew, appeared in 1968. The evolution of the game and with increasing participation in the carnival game of Hidden Treasure, it was natural crews descend from t cars on the road and since then begin a colorful competition in uniforms, while ideas and imaginative constructions transferred imaginative and surprising effect on carnival floats. In 1978 the then Municipal Authority decides to carry the game on the last Sunday of Carnival and in 1980 puts the Grand Parade Sunday which until then was only with the carnival floats of the municipality, a development that had a catalytic influence in shaping the Great Parade Sunday giving it scope, diversity, vitality, and vigor.

The Hidden Treasure is now a key success component of Carnival and a cornerstone of its events.

The carnival prizes and praise to game winners are given a special event on Ash Monday