The opening events of the Carnival Patras heralds the carnival messenger, strolling the city streets on musical chariot. Invites Patras and all who find themselves in Patras that day in magical joy meetings and unhoped fun routes.

The Opening Ceremony takes place on a Saturday and always in connection with the feast of St. Anthony January 17.

It usually consists of a variety of events including music, dance, acrobats, activities for children and adults and collective games.

The festivities begin in the morning at selected points of the city and the evening culminates in George Square. There is facing and the interest of the world, where after completing the main event and the appearance of the chariot of King Carnival accompanied by numerous carnival, Mayor of Patras launches the Event of Carnival.

It’s an outdoor party, where the central square of the city turns into a huge dance floor, with thousands of faithful carnival dancing until the early hours.