And they allowed … earn their grudge. And many believers! Barbecues braise juicy kebabs, delicious sausages, chopped pantsetes … wine runs plenty, the glasses are raised, the throats cooled, the cheer leading steps in dance, keeps the rhythm in music and … all meeting place for the evening in the Upper Town. There, the street of German and surrounding streets, revived traditional and folk customs and carnival activities, music troupes, frantic fun and original satirical mood complement the evening of ample consumption roast meat and wine-drinking.

The events of this day are part of the official program of the Carnival. They start in the morning with the Municipal Band to melodies in the streets and among other things include traditional folk dances, concerts rebetika and folk orchestras, parade and carnival floats.

The celebration of Smokey Thursday began with a popular buzz during the wars with the Marriage Yiannoula the bun, the Upper Town. (source Nikos E. Politis)