Diversity Day and Patras Carnival

Through interviews of people who grew up and created during the Carnival, as well as through targeted interviews of representatives of migrant associations living and activating in the city, different approaches are highlighted about a cultural event in common: the Patras Carnival. This is a “melting pot” of actions and initiatives, which is deeply democratic, as it allows everyone to have fun and co-create without restrictions and discrimination (e.g. in terms of race, economic background, origin, etc.).

Patras celebrates 21st May, World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, by revealing the timeless importance of Patras Carnival as an institution, that encourages the co-creation and dialogue of cultures, without discrimination.

The video lasts about 8 minutes, and besides the views, it also uses archives and showsl what the Patras Carnival is, and how people coexist in joy and creation, without any type of discrimination.

Directed by: Panagiotis Fafoutis

Camera and editing: Andreas Smyrilios

Footage: From the documentary “I as a carnival”, shot in the context of the online Patras Carnival 2021, produced by KEDIP Carnival of Patras.

Production: KEDIP (Municipal Welfare Enterprise of Patras) Carnival of Patras

The action is included in the activation of Patras as member of the “Intercultural Cities-ICC” international network coordinated by the Council of Europe (Strasburg-FR).