Bourboulia is a term that cannot be translated into other languages since it is something that happens only here in Patras. It is one of the oldest fests but we do not know exactly when itstarted being held. Researchers of the history of Patras Carnival support that it first took place after the construction of Apollon Theater by Ziller in 1872.During the Interwar period, A. Loverdos, who was a theater producer, gave the name Bourbouliatothe afternoon dance fests, as no special preparations were needed by people in order to take part in them. The word Bourbouliaprobably comes from the sound of meat being boiled in a pot.

Nowadays, Bourboulia are dance parties which both men and women attend. Men are formally dressed while women keep their identity a secret by wearing a special black costume called domino and a black mask. Men are called to choose their partner for that night’s dance without knowing who she really is!

It is an experience that should not be missed and if you do not have a domino, don’t worry! You will be given one at the reception!