For the first time in the history of European Carnivals, children have their own carnival parade which takes place the Sunday before the Big Parade. Of course it is not just the parade for our little friends. Many recreational and entertaining activitiescall for their participation beforehand, the most known of which being the so called Baby Rally.Baby Rally was first organized in 1968 and it actually led to the Carnival of children.All the little ones who wantto participate in it, just have to decorate their bicycles and to dress themselves up, in order to take part in games and competitions. It is really great fun!

Karnavaloupoleis, which means small carnival cities, are set up in squares and neighborhoods around the city. Games, interactive activities, art and crafts just “happen” among the colorful carnival structures, while theatrical acts like street theatre, music concerts and art exhibitions take place at the same time. Children of all ages find interesting things to do there and that’s why Karnavaloupoleis are the thing that they are always looking forward to.

It is roughly estimated that 14,000 children with their escorts (due to children’s safety reasons) are taking part in the Parade. Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Dance Schools and many others join the fun!On that day the variety of colors and the positive energy coming from all these little children who are dressed up and ready to dance through the city, is really something that cannot be put into words. Undoubtedly, these children are our hope for the future, since they are the ones that love Carnival unconditionally and will hopefully be its continuation in the years to come.