The Big Parade is not the end. The King of Carnival must leave after first giving the new King his throne. The Mayor must officially declare the end of this Carnival and the beginning of next year’s one.So, everybody heads down the port. There, in the middle of the open sea, the king is burnt giving his place to the new one. Fireworks are all over the sky, turning this last night into a glorious day. Dance shows, acrobatic performances, short theatrical acts take place afterwards. The Mayor thanks both visitors and local people for their presence there and invites everybody to the next year’s fun. This is the time when all feel both sad and happy. Sad because something so nice came to an end and happy because of the hope they are given for the next year’s joy. Parties are thrown almost everywhere in the city and people have the time of their lives, promising to be here again next year.

Just come to our city and live the experience of the unique Patras Carnival!