The Treasure Hunt Game is not simply a game. For the whole carnival period, all carnival groups are invited to participate in this amazing competition in order to find the treasure and be the winners of the year. Finding the treasure is not a simple procedure. Solving riddles, doing quizzes, mapping the whole city in order to find the correct points to collect clues, playing brainy or skill games to get more points or even bringing requested items rare or not, are some of the activities included in the Game. The carnival team or group that gets the most points and finds the Treasure by solving the last riddle is the winner who, apart from the trophy and glory, will be the one to organize next year’s Game.

The Game dates back in 1966 and it was initially a scout game. The first participants were 94 locals and visitors who drove their own cars dressed up in fancy costumes. The following year, cars were also fancy decorated. The Game would last 3 to 5 hours, taking place on the last carnival Sunday.  The first carnival team, dressed up in the same costumes made its appearance in 1968.  In the following years, masqueraders got off the cars and started dancing in the streets in their embroidered costumes. In 1978 the municipal authorities decided to hold the Treasure Hunt Game on the last carnival Sunday and in 1980 the Big Parade took place on that Sunday too, together with the float parade.More and more people started attending the celebration in the years that followed. This led to a celebration the way we know it today. Since 2007, the Treasure Hunt Game got into the web too, with many games occurring on line. The official site of Patras Carnival provides all the information needed and helps whoever might like to take part. It is strongly recommended to all those who really enjoy having cyber fun!

The awards for the Treasure Hunt Game as well as for the artistic deeds and appearances of the groups are given to the winners during a special ceremony, which takes place on Ash Monday!