The old Municipal Slaughterhouses of Patras

Conversion of the old Municipal Slaughterhouses of Patras into Center for the Creation and Promotion of the Patras Carnival through the SPARC Program

The Municipality of Patras is implementing the project to transform the sites of the Old Slaughterhouses into a Center of Creative Industry with a focus on the Patras Carnival.

Title of the SPARC project is “Creativity Hubs for SunstainableDeveloPmrnt through the VAIoRization of Cultural Heritage Assets”. SPARC’s specific objective is to harness the cultural and natural heritage as a territorial advantage of the program areas. The overall objective of the SPARC project is to exploit the natural and cultural heritage of the participating areas to become important tourist destinations.


  1. Lead Partner: Municipality of Patras
  2. Partner 2: Region of Western Greece
  3. Partner 3: Chamber of Achaia
  4. Partner 4: Apulia Theater Association
  5. Partner 5: Apulia Region
  6. Affiliate Partner 6: Patras Carnival Foundation

The project renovates the complex of Old Slaughterhouses in Patras and more specifically the final design of the premises will include:

  1. Administration Buildings.
  2. Paternal Carnival projection area.
  3. View of Karagioz’s story and present the work of Karagioz’s figure maker.
  4. Venue for presentations of carnival creations, costumes, hats, masks and other constructions, presenting the work of the creators in real time.
  5. Children’s Creative Workplace with a focus on Carnival and Karagioz.
  6. Design of the process of manufacturing and reproducing the creators’ products in 3D. (3D scanning- 3D printing).
  7. Place of many events.
  8. The space for periodic exhibitions related to the actions of the project.