Dear Carnival,

The Carnival is a living institution that is constantly evolving and it is logical with the passage of the times arise circumstances and conditions that affect it and make it different from previous years. Whereas therefore spontaneous conversions in combination with the occasional documented formally or informally carnival comments on the organization, regulation, its implementation and the involvement of the crew, the advisory committee of the institution worked out from the beginning and throughout its matter content of the regulation. With the renewal Regulation the player wishes his collaboration with crews seek the most complete organization at events and parades, but also organized the presentation and promotion of the Carnival. Also, the current economic reality forces the body to adapt to conditions very different from the past, significantly complicating the organization of events of Carnival. But because the carnival is the people, many activities are planned for this year’s program relying on voluntary participation and offer citizens, organizations and Carnival. By submitting your documents you will receive a brochure describing the program and the significant changes that happen in this year’s events and caused for reasons need of renewal, or for reasons of economic difficulty that we all understand.

Good Carnival!
The Advisory Committee


The purpose of this Regulation is:

  • The events of Carnival in which participate “fully” be done in a way that combines on one hand the long Carnival tradition of the city, on the other hand satisfaction of the needs custom serves according to the needs that generates the modern times.
  • Upgrading the quality of events and through their promotion of the city
  • Conducting all events security climate both for participants and for spectators.
  • Suppression of commercialization phenomenon which results in low aesthetics, antisocial events, risks to public safety and to the detriment of the entire operation of the institution of Carnival.



Conditions Recommendation CREW

  • Represented by two people over 18 years.
  • Has a core of eight additional adults.
  • Is at least 10-member group. Otherwise special approval is required.

Filing relevant documents to the carnival office

  • Documents proving to the required legal responsibility for setting up the Crew.
  • The declaration of acceptance of this Regulation.
  • The statement of participation in the parade and any other actions of Carnival, wishes to participate in Crew.
  • Other documents contained in the file.

Conditions relating to the matter and attire

  • Not to advertise products or services directly or indirectly.
  • Not have been registered by another crew
  • Be exposed in the official Fair Uniforms Crew Carnival

Badges Crew

  • Number of current crew or patented (see Art. B)
  • Certification by the organizing body (see. Article I)
  • Presentation banner (number and this year’s theme dispatch) as a precursor of the crew in the parade (see. Attached document for a new proposal)
  • Permanent crew name (optional) to 2 words independent of the Year issue


For more thorough organization and promotion of the Institution of Carnival the company asks crews to help by providing the following information:

  • A summary of the grounds of the issue ie what shows what symbolizes what satirizes, from what materials it is handmade, etc. in order to describe correctly the site and in presentations or any references occur. No more than 50 words (with cd or email)
  • Short history of the course of Crew in years to participate in order to present integrated into the site of Carnival (if sent by last state on the application). No more than 100 words (with cd or email).

Also, the crew must maintain condition records of the crew which will be available to the body if appropriate.


Crews must:

  1. To submit on time their participation in compulsory completed all the forms will be provided by the Carnival Office.
  2. To sign the demonstration of police identity, all the entry forms completed with all information requested them.
  3. Representatives jointly or individually, to represent the crew against the organizing body and all other bodies. Each Representative conveys his status only by a written statement of both representatives and upon approval by the Public Benefit Corporation – Patras Carnival.
  4. In case of disagreement between the two Representatives of the crew, before the end of events, concerning the distinctive letter (the name -number etc) performed the draw and the transferor is required to get a new number and, optionally, a new name. Before the balloting, both Representatives shall set the new constituencies who are going to sign up the required applications and affidavits.
  5. If a crew is involved as a legal entity, non-profit, no more needed. Just the signature of the legal representative of the entity, notification of members of the administration and a copy of the minutes of the election.
  6. The historical figure is enshrined at the request of the Carnival Office. Priority vesting process are representatives of Crews had the number at the Carnival of 2002 or earlier. Acceptance of regulation is a necessary condition for the participation of Crews in the events of Carnival Any falsification of personal information and false record found except for legal cause sanctions and participation in the institution for members of DEKADAS. The Regulation may be amended by decision of the Public Benefit Corporation Municipality of Patras – Patras Carnival.



  1. they will abide by this regulation and state laws.
  2. they will participate in the events of Carnival fully and uniformly clothed.
  3. they will not use the same uniforms as those used in the Carnival of Small.
  4. they will adhere to the framework of participation in Uniform Crew Report and the Hidden Treasure (Article F)
  5. they will adhere to the framework of participation in the parades: Members will not exceed 300 people use only the “gateway” entry that will show them consistently on time attendance. They hold the line parade to be specified and will follow the instructions of flow controllers parade. They do not cause problems in the flow of the parade with consecutive stops, slow and long distances between them. They do not allow, during the parade, to penetrate their members individuals not disguised or partially disguised or by other crews. They do not allow the use of animals in parades. They do not use their own music in parades. They will try to parade chariot which the committee has not approved. They will not allow the use of fumigants and spirits in their crew. They will not allow phenomena misconduct on the players of the tournament (flow officers, committees, volunteers, presenters, journalists, photographers, etc.) If you decide not to participate in parades should one week earlier to declare the Carnival Office the cancellation of their participation.
  6. they will use ways visibility of their crew, which pollute the city in any manner prohibited by the relevant law and regulation cleaning the Municipality of Patras, (including, posters, throwing flyer, for posters, spray, etc.)
  7. they will not advertise in any way products or companies directly or indirectly.
  8. they will not use for any reason, the official logos of the Carnival, with the exception of special certified crew logo.
  9. they will not engage in conduct that may harm the smooth running of events of the Carnival and games of Hidden Treasure, endanger public health or distort the image of the institution and the city.


Besides under the Laws of the State proposed and imposed sanctions, where acts or omissions on the part of representatives or members of the crew or fail to comply with the articles of this Regulation, the Municipal Development Company of Patras Patras Carnival is entitled to impose the this Regulation penalties.

The sanctions imposed upon the recommendation of the advisory committee. These are :

  1. Removal of the suit of the Crew of the exhibition.
  2. Elimination of the Crew of the manifestations of this carnival and publication of data.
  3. Exclusion of the Crew from each evaluation and award for the current year.
  4. Waiver of Certification
  5. Loss crew number.
  6. Block core crew (10 persons) for the next Carnival and repeat offenses exclusion as long as the organization deems body.


Cooperation between Crews allowing all events of Carnival with the following conditions:

  1. Associate Crews can not be more than three.
  2. Crews are allowed to submit a joint declaration of cooperation between them

A) for all events of the Carnival and treated as a crew. In this case the crews, for all events, must have a single topic, single outfit Ms will not exceed the number of three hundred (300) people

B) for all other events, other parades.

  1. Declarations Crew cooperation for individual events of Carnival are not accepted.
  2. Cooperation over 3 Crew permitted only upon approval.
  3. Cooperation statements after the last date for requests to participate statements-will not be accepted.
  4. In the event of termination of cooperation between the Crew before the end of the game, each crew keeps it until the termination of cooperation agreed score as well – even if cooperation was solved – will enable the number of members of more than 300 along with members of other crews that there was cooperation.


The show of uniforms and the general presence of Crews will be in place and in a manner to indicate the entity and for as long as the request. In any case the Benefit Business – Patras Carnival reserves the right to partial or full suspension of the exhibition.

Participation Framework:

  • In the display area, each crew will have the right to set up two uniforms and accessories, to the satisfaction of the Commission responsible manner.
  • The crew puts A4 tab which will show the particulars of the usable concerned and the amount of membership fees in the Crew. The same tab can present a short history of the group and its action plan for this year’s carnival (according to sample).
  • The crew will be allocated a specific tab that will show the certification for this year’s carnival.
  • The installation sequence of uniforms apply a procedure to be decided by the committee and for all crews will have timely transfer their uniform in space.
  • The storage area will be the responsibility of the operator.
  • No person shall install additional decorative elements.
  • Do not move, remove or relocate exhibit.
  • not be available to the crew or promotional cards printed at the point of suspension and the exhibition in general.
  • Do not record Crews States in the surroundings and the interior space of the exhibition.
  • Do not stay constant Crew representatives in these areas

Violation of the above entitles the organizing body for immediate removal uniforms from the exhibition, as well as other potential penalties provided for in the Regulation.


The series, which parade crews determined by committee meendeiktika criteria aesthetics succession of uniforms, techniques or other needs of the parade, until then the rating of Hidden Treasure and the conduct of the crew.


  1. It is compulsory to construct chariot or moving microfabrication.
  2. The chariots and mobile micro-checked for compliance with the specifications requested by the committee.
  3. A space crews to construct floats after presentation outline and evaluation of the Special Committee


“CERTIFIED CREWS Carnival” means that for these crews recognized and rewarded as official their participation in the Carnival because care:

  • Be consistent with the spirit and goals of the institution and the organization
  • To do so in accordance with the framework for participation,
  • Be smooth cooperation with the relevant
  • Comply with the regulation sign
  • Promote the spirit of carnival and carnival culture

In no case the certification is not related to artistic and aesthetic criteria or criteria for participation in actions.

Certification issued to crews:

  1. Meet the conditions of participation for the current event
  2. Adhere the participation regulation in Carnival and sanctions are not imposed to the last 3 years
  3. Also the last 3 years: they have constant presence with the same number and the same core or have won awards or have been classified in the final 20ada the Hidden Treasure.

Especially for this first year of implementation of certification (2012), will be granted to the crews that meet one of the following prerequisites:

  • Is historically and crews have registered number
  • Is winning the last 3 years
  • Specific cases will be evaluated by committee

Lifting certification

(either in the evolution of a carnival or the enrollment process the next) will occur if the crew

  • Accept a penalty or exclusion provided for in Regulation
  • Fails to comply with Regulation
  • Change the number

The certification recognition shall be checked each year for validity.

The CE certification will follow the crew in all the actions of Carnival (eg site, uniforms exhibition, parade, etc.) and also will be available to the crew special official logo of carnival 2013 to use it as they wish.

Certification is not granted crews function gives them a commercial character using organized means of advertising.