Place wonderland

The idea can be gestated for days, possibly seconds until the hand of the sculptor catch the charcoal or pencil and draw his first lines on a white paper. From that unique moment of creation, where the inspiration comes to meet with the materiality of art opens a path of exceptional skill, experience and technique.

The idea is being shaped slowly, excruciatingly, insistently. A huge piece of Styrofoam from an indistinct mass starts and acquires bones, nerves … Day by day and as carving gives shape and form, acquire its own self-existent life. Transformed into something else with the soul acquires character and eventually our smiling with his colors, his grin, his satirical mood, carnival mischief of the …

One of the many floats of the carnival is ready. Wait until the carnival parades, to return with a slight sadness at the end of the great feast again at the Carnival Workshop.

The Carnival Workshop of the Municipality of Patras began to operate on a permanent basis in 1988 in place of former Ladopoulou factory, and since 1995 has been transferred to Petroto.