Pan exclusivity Carnival was the ” Children’s Carnival” which culminates in their own Grand Parade Sunday of the Prodigal Son. That day thousands of small carnival of Patras and other Greek cities parading the main streets of the city in groups according to the kindergarten, their school, their tuition center, the dance faculty. It is estimated that every year parade along with their companions of around 10,000 children.

The Children’s Carnival is a separate and important section of Carnival as a continuation and development of the baby rally which was first held in 1968.

It is one of the most vibrant and promising sections of Carnival and the nursery of tomorrow’s carnival.

The Children’s Carnival has covered its own success competing worthily that large. It has defined its indelible stamp in the events of the Carnival, enabling small carnival to develop the senses, imagination and freedom of expression through alternative forms of art, fun and play.

Key actions are karnavaloupoleis, theatrical performances and musical events, exhibitions, and of course the Grand Parade of Children

The karnavaloupoleis erected in the squares and streets of the city, accompanied with joyful interactive structures on the scale of children with a different theme each time and with actions (street theaters, dramatic play, music events, etc.) create a unique and pleasant environment for children.

Noteworthy is that the Children’s Carnival unique in Greece with such durability and massive participation of children, carried out in absolute safety conditions for children, and marching with them and the group leaders and facilitators, volunteers of the Municipality.