Regulations of  Groups Participation in Children’s Carnival Parade 2016

  1. The maximum number of members of each group is 70 children. Children who participate will be from 4-13 years. The participation of children under 4 years old in a group creates a problem in the ratio attendant – child, since a child this age should have exclusive escort. Parents with children under 4 years old will be able to parade the individual entries that follow the group, provided to bring carnival attire. Individual entries are accompanied by the musical chariot. The lower number of members in group participation is 10 children.
  2. In case of group participation with number of children older than 70 participants must divide the children into groups, each one no more than 70 people, which must be presented with a different theme and outfit, having different charge each team and a new application.
  3. Each group of children must be accompanied by animators – guides (adults over 22 years old) disguised exactly the topic of the group. The relationship of children – adults are an escort every 4 children (4 -6.5 years) and one in 10 children over 6 ½. H committee reserves the right to remove from the parade of those who have no escort role (it is disguised with the theme of the group and does not carry the tag of the companion). It is strict compliance with the above.
  4. For preschool centers, municipal and private kindergartens special arrangement provided both in proportion escorts and children, and the way they operate in the parade and this because kindergartens has changed the composition ages since accommodate children from 6 months to 4 years. In particular, it provided one attendant per 2 children (2-4 years) and one chaperone per 4 children (4 to 6.5 years for parts preschool and kindergarten). Also provided in the device group in the parade ahead to children from 4 to 6.5 years with their respective escorts and followed by attendants with children from 2-4 years.
  5. The distinguishing each group are:
    • The nominal identity of the person responsible.
    • The banner with the number and the subject of the group, it is mandatory to separate the groups and to facilitate the safety of children.
    • Whatever else the organizing committee of the Carnival of Small wanted established.
  6. The leader and deputy group must be an adult over 22 years old. In the case of organized groups-sets of the controller and his deputy are representatives of participating institutions and persons.
    The person in charge:
    • Files an application which is valid only if it has full details, stating at the same time deputy. Applications are reviewed for completeness by those responsible for the organization and ten (10) days after the deadline of submission announced the list of symmetechonton.
    • Testifies draft layouts or suspected elements (microfabrication) for approval by the organizing committee of the Carnival of Small at a fixed date on the aitisi.
    • It’s entirely accountable regarding the participation of the team in the events of the Carnival of Small and compliance team members to the instructions of the organizing epitropis.
    • He is the only person to represent the team against the organizing committee of the Carnival of Small and other institutions. Finally transmits its status, if necessary only with a written statement to a person corresponding prosonton.
  7. The teams have to present any information asked by the organizing committee of the Carnival of Small (such as members name, address, etc.) The identity of primary schools, kindergartens and other groups viewed only through the Municipality forms and the reader in the events taking place.
  8. The promoters and animators-escorts each group have the ultimate responsibility of children who accompany and follow the instructions of the organizing committee. It is necessary to use ID-tag in children where the child’s name will be listed, mobile phone charge attendant and serial number of the group in the parade.
  9. In the parade of the Carnival of Small allowed chariot (maximum dimensions: length 3,50cm, width 2,40cm, height 3,50cm) or suspected elements (microfabrication) of the groups, a model of which must be submitted for approval by the organizing committee of the Carnival of Small at a fixed date on the application. At the Chariot are not allowed to board a child and should be declared the existence of the request for participation.
  10. In the parade of the Carnival of Small permitted to use one (1) bicycle, which is desirable to be decorated according to the theme of each group, and will act as a forerunner in the course of the parade.
  11. Regulation concerning the participants in the Carnival of Small to which only the teams involved. To safeguard the particular nature of the institution (to avoid any form of commercialization and protection of creative expression small carnival) not the groups will take part in the Carnival of Small to participate in the Great Parade with the same outfit. Otherwise they will not take part in the draw of the groups for the series parade next year and will parade in the end, after the last grated group. For this reason each team must submit the question of the color and design of the suit at a fixed date specified in the request for approval by the organizing committee. If identification with a group of Carnival will be accepted participation.
  12. The parade order is determined by drawing lots by categories.
  13. The Organizing Committee of the Carnival of Small is able to intervene in order parade (where necessary) to better presence.
  14. Any advertising of products or business.
  15. The use of alcohol, fumigants and firecrackers from managers and animators – attendants.
  16. During the events the groups must take account of their cleanliness Regulation Municipality of Patras.
  17. Banners parade should be returned to the organization office of the Carnival of Small the time will determine the competent office of the Corporation. Where the responsible groups not return the banner, then that team loses the right to participate in the Grand Parade of Small, unless we built new banner at their own risk and expense in accordance with the specifications given them.